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Shenzhen TOPFAN technology development co., LTD. (Topfanchina) is a professional manufacturer of dc fans and ac fans of high-tech enterprises. The cooling fan products can be divided into: DC fan, AC fan and EC (AC TO DC) fan. According to the wind direction can be divided into: axial fan, blower fan, cross-flow fan and centrifugal fan; According to size can be divided into: micro fan, micro blower fan and industrial fans; According to the function can be divided into: reversible fan, high temperature fan, waterproof fan, temperature-control fan, environmental protection fan. Cooling fans are widely used in automobile, home appliances, network communication, medical equipment, unmanned aerial vehicle, air purification, monitoring equipment, chassis,  LED lighting, office equipment, mechanical equipment, emerging intelligent products and other fields.

Shenzhen TOPFAN technology development co., LTD, has the abundant and skilled technician , with professional R&D team, sophisticated testing equipment, advanced production-line, scientific production management and rich experience in research and development to customize, developed various types of low noise, strong air volume, high performance and long life of the product, and through the CE, RoHS, UL, TUV certification, are exported to Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and other regions.

Shenzhen TOPFAN technology development co., LTD. was established in 2006, always put quality in the first place, adhere to the customer as the center, continuous innovation based on customer demand, to provide customers with efficient service, won the respect and trust of customers. Take the lead in the industry through ISO9000 international quality authority certification.

Shenzhen TOPFAN technology development co., LTD, takes "science and quality" as the core, explains the proposition that scientific research technology is a brand, always takes technological progress as the core pursuit, takes the mission of representing the prosperous and never out of date scientific research force, and makes every effort to topfan-china of innovative, topfan-china of quality, topfan-china of science and technology, and topfan-china of integrity.

Sail out into the sea. Topfan - China to build a cooling fan of the kingdom of the world's best corporate vision, to the highest pursuit of customer satisfaction, the strongest guarantee enterprise competitiveness "of the enterprise purpose, adhering to the" science and technology and quality "core values, to maintain" earnest, rigorous, fast, dedicated "work style, with" vigor, autonomous and efficient "team spirit, to create the first brand“cooling fans”, leading international brand of best-selling .

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